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'The Cherry Blossom Capital of America'

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The township of Belleville, New Jersey, is located in the northeastern part of the state, about seven miles west of New York City.

It is bordered on the south by the City of  Newark, on the north by the township of Nutley, on the west by the township of Bloomfield, and on the east by the Passaic River, North Arlington and Kearny.

Belleville was part of Newark, then part of Bloomfield when it broke away from Newark.

Belleville, or Second River as it was also known, broke away from Bloomfield and included North Belleville which broke away into Franklin and later renamed Nutley*.

Belleville, New Jersey, is the Cherry Blossom Capital of America, where not only do the trees bloom in Belleville Park but the township has hundreds of the special trees planted throughout.

Remembering our town one bit at a time!

Belleville, New Jersey

An old Belleville, New Jersey street view of the mind

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Connections to Old Belleville 

Greetings From Belleville, New Jersey

Brookdale Soda Memories


Township of Belleville

 Belleville Board of Ed

Belleville Public Library


 Canned, Booted, Bumped by Anthony Buccino   


  Sixteen Inches on Center - by Anthony Buccino One Morning in Jersey City by Anthony Buccino  Voices on the Bus by Anthony Buccino 




Then & Now - Nutley



Images of America: Belleville


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Old Nutley


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A Belleville street view of the mind



Belleville Sons Honor Roll

Famous Locals


Joe Pesci

Tommy DeVito

Alfred Christie

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Singers and Such

Connie Francis

Tommy DeVito

Frankie Valli

Donald Hulme

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Moe Berg

David Grant

Abdel Anderson

Phil Cuzzi

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Russell Baker - Growing Up

Stephen Crane - The Red Badge of Courage

Frances Goodrich - The Real Nick and Nora, Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Nicky Arnold - Welcome Back, Kotter

Gene Hutmaker - BANNED in the BRONX The Yankee Haters Memoirs

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Josiah Hornblower

Warren Kimble

Philip Van Courtlandt

Thomas Francisco

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Cherry trees or cherry blossom trees?

As a native Belleville-ite (Bellevillian, someone who grew up in Belleville), it bugs me when the cherry blossom trees are referred to as "cherry trees" because they are a cherry-blossom trees, not cherry trees. The fruit of the cherry tree is cherry. But the fruit of a cherry blossom tree is a blossom. Feel free to correct anyone around you who makes this mistake. You might want to point out that there are two kinds of cherry blossom trees: the single blossom and the double blossom. But don't be a bore about it.

Second River, Belleville, old post card, original source, uncertain

Cherry Blossom Trees, Not Cherry Trees?

Thank you for contacting the County of Essex. I spoke with our horticultural staff and, in fact, our trees do get cherries. The cherries are just small and insignificant—meaning they are not ornamental or of any food value to wildlife or us.

Yes, in general, our trees have been selected for their ornamental floral display. However, even the cherries grown for fruit get beautiful pink and white flowers; thus, using the term cherry blossom trees to refer to only the ornamental trees is technically incorrect.

-- Essex County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs


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$12M 'Hospital in the Park' Clara Maass Medical Center

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Soho Hospital in Belleville, N.J.

Essex County Isolation Hospital

Essex County Isolation Hospital, Belleville, N.J.

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Plane crashes into Belleville High School

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1910 Belleville Borders

1992 Bellleville Chamber of Commerce Photos/Calendar

History of the Firemens' Memorial Bell

New Route 21

Holy Family School, 1959 or so

1994 Flashback - Belleville vs Nutley

The Kid Gets a Job (At Brookdale Soda) by Tom Garcia

What's Belleville's Weather Today?

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September 11, 2001

Belleville, N.J.

Antoinette Duger - Operations associate, Wachovia Corp.,WTC

Harvey Joseph Gardner III - Worked on 93rd Floor of WTC

Harry Ramos - Head equity trader, May Davis Group, WTC

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150th Anniversary of ConflictBelleville and Nutley in the Civil War

Belleville and Nutley in the Civil War a Brief History

by Anthony Buccino

A compilation of information documenting the participation of Belleville and Nutley in the American Civil War. Includes information on six local soldiers killed in action in the War Between the States, plus information on the battle campaigns in which they gave up their lives. Also lists information on participation in various New Jersey and other state militias by local men.

More info

In print, Amazon and on Kindle

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Belleville Sons Honor RollBelleville Sons Honor Roll

Remembering The Men Who Paid For Our Freedom

The 8th anniversary paperback edition includes additional information on Belleville in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWW II, Korea, Vietnam and peacetime casualties.

In the last century, Belleville lost 157 sons while in service to our country. This collection, gathered from newspaper clippings and other sources collects what we know about these young men in an effort that their sacrifice not be forgotten.

Available on Amazon and Kindle

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Belleville Renames Streets for Veterans

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Photo Copyright © 2004 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved

300th Anniversary of the Dutch Reformed Church
Congressman William Pascrell Jr.

Dutch Reformed Church past and future

2008 Ceremony

Belleville (Second River) in the American Revolution

Belleville, or Second River as it was then known, was part of the retreat route of General George Washington's Army in the war for independence. A skirmish was fought in what is now Belleville Park.

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Greetings From Belleville - Collected writings by Anthony BuccinoGreetings From Belleville, New Jersey
- collected writings

by Anthony Buccino

  Belleville native Anthony Buccino has collected his favorite and most-requested writings about life and growing up in Belleville, New Jersey. Greetings From Belleville, N.J., is Buccino's fourth collection of essays but the first wholly dedicated to his collected writings about Belleville.

Available on Kindle and in Print

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Original Belleville High School, now Belleville Middle School, Courtesy Dr. Marilyn McGrath, principal, 2004

Belleville High School - Now Belleville Middle School
279 Washington Avenue
Want to know more? Let us know

A Brief BMS History Swimming pool: Fact or fiction?

The Four Belleville High Schools - Village of Second River

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Village of Second River

By Norman Price

The Old Dutch Church

Capitol Theatre

The Belleville Stagecoach

Belleville's First Telephone

Lake Watsessing

Hillside Pleasure Park

Remembering The Victory Ship Walter Kidde

The Delicates

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Electronic New Jersey: A Digital Archive of New Jersey History

The Water Tower, a recollection by Harry T. Roman

Pictures of the McCarter Freeway (NJ 21)

The Ghosts of Gully Road (New Jersey History's Mysteries)

The Forges & Manor of Ringwood (Schuyler's copper mines, Belleville, N. J.)

Newark Water - Belleville Reservoir

Cherry Blossoms in the park

Just for Fun

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Mike Lamberti Saying Goodbye to Milt's

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Books of Interest

Images of America: Belleville by Nicole Canfora

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Growing Up by Russell Baker

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HILLSIDE PLEASURE PARK, Belleville, New Jersey

by Norman James Price

The history of one of the largest amusement parks ever built in New Jersey

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The Real Nick and Nora: Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

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The History of Diners in New Jersey

by Michael C. Gabriele 

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Italian Americans of Newark, Belleville and Nutley

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Life's a Ball with Billy the Baseball by Mark Cervasio a review

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YOUNTAKAH COUNTRY - A Poetic View of Nutley, Old and New

Anthony Buccino brings his mix of verse, history and humor to the Lenni Lenape, Annie Oakley, Mark Twain, Richard Stockton, the Colonial Garden, the Velodrome, Valium and the Oval.

AMERICAN BOY: Pushing Sixty

Belleville native Anthony Buccino published AMERICAN BOY: Pushing Sixty,  Working class verse about life and growing up in New Jersey. From the center of the Baby Boom, his working class verse views life and growing up in Belleville in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, and growing older through the oughts.

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Bloomfield Avenue: A Jewish-Catholic Jersey Girl's Spiritual Journey by Linda Mercadante

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Books of Interest

List of Books of Interest

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Essex County, N.J. - Genealogy

1884 Statistics

Wikipedia on Belleville

Belleville Images (Historic Buildings Survey)

Belleville New Jersey Historical Photographs, History, Photos

Belleville - Answers.com

Path of the Morris Canal (came through Belleville)

Belleville Yahoo! Map

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Belleville PBA Local 28

Belleville Fire Department

Belleville Sons Honor Roll

Belleville High School Class of 1972

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Belleville Times

Belleville Forum

Belleville-Nutley Patch

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The New Jersey Historical Society

New Jersey State Library

Nutley Public Library

Nutley Historical Society

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The Ultimate North Jersey Quiz

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Belleville, Ontario

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Check out Jersey Girls Sing!

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Old Newark

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Two profiles of Anthony Buccino

Nutley poet discusses Belleville-inspired writings
April 21, 2011
BY MARIA KARIDIS Belleville Times

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Arts  Belleville in Verse
In Honor of National Poetry Month, We Speak with Anthony Buccino
By Erel Pilo - Belleville Patch
April 20, 2011

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*According to Frank Speer in Nutley Was Born in Strife, Strategy and Secession, in 1812, the northern half of Newark seceded and became part of Bloomfield, until 1839 when the eastern third broke off to form Belleville which was centered on the Second River.

Nutley came to be known as North Belleville. Due to taxation without representation, the people of what is now Nutley hated Belleville so much that they refused the name North Belleville and took the name of Franklinville in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s only son, William, New Jersey’s last royal governor. A separate town was chartered in 1874, when Franklinville became Franklin. As early as 1849, Franklinville had its own Post Office. The name Nutley was adopted in 1903.

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